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Health Care Scandal in Sweden

The deformed spine after the incident at the Spine Institute)

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*Birgitta was severely injured at the Spine and Back institute Växjö Kronoberg Sweden in
December 2004.

*Birgittas Medical Journals and other documents where forged to eradicate all traces of life long suffering and maltreatment.

Ljungby Hospital were involved in this conspiracy 2005-2006

*Relatives and have turned their back on Birgitta and are playing“Dumb”

*Police and Prosecutions investigations come to a sudden halt shortly after publicity on national radio and other Mass Media outlets.

A decision was implemented regarding Birgitta´s case to” put the whole case on the shelf because it would seriously impair certain individuals in the daily running and practice in their sections! "

In July 2009 took Sweden over the chairmanship of the European Union, and in September 2009 a large conference is planned in Kronoberg and Växjö with over 500 delegates representing most of the member states.

With regard to the fact that the “investigation” was instigated in Växjö and the whole story revolving around authorities in Kronoberg it would be inappropriate that this horrible and shameful account should be drawn to the attention of the Public in all of the EU member states, and especially embarrassing for The Swedish State, Kronoberg, Växjö Council and others directly involved.

An Incredible Scandal in Swedish Medical Care and the shocking cover up!

The author of this web site had chosen to publish this story that with all of their recourses the Swedish government has tried to cover up and be exposed!

Read this terrifying story of how Swedish Doctors, Authorities, Politicians do to Sweden’s own citizens!

Criminal investigations are dropped to the surprise of many.

This history and evidence of grievous attack from unscrupulous Civil servants that will do anything to save their skin and where this tragic story is disclosed, a story of a patients medical records and medical history is deleted and replaced by totally fabricated and false documents to hide the serious malpractice, nonchalance and gigantic incompetence.

The story about Birgitta who has looked for help all of her life for her medical symptoms
And serious recurring complaints discovered that she was completely stopped by the health Authorities, They are hiding the truth.


The beginning

An assault against a woman and her family that was unbelievable, and is a disgrace in a land such as Sweden.
A story that under time has discovered more and more, facts that are exceedingly delicate are revealed, the truth is coming to the surface.
A cover up reveals itself in the light of day, behind closed doors and I secret a decision was made to sacrifice one person in order to protect colleagues and others from total disgrace and
It will be shown that witnesses are silenced, a primary witness that was under medical treatment suddenly dies, a medical prescription that could have deadly consequences, attempted murder, are all part of this story.
It’s about money, a hospital that was in the process of privatisation, the dismissal of certain
Entrepaneurer in order to hide the truth.


Investigators and prosecutors who suddenly back off

All of this in today’s Sweden, taken directly from reality and truth.

Late in 2004, a serious and grizzly incident that sets the wheel in motion

Under the following 2 years there is a cover up with a lot of people involved.

A person’s life is clean up from start to finish so that responsibility can be hidden

A wrong diagnosis and medicine are prescribed with the result that the woman becomes critically ill.

The woman’s mother and siblings turn a blind eye, why?

The woman and her husband start in late 2006 detective work in order to collect evidence that can result in the exposure of the terrifying truth and now the instigators can be revealed.

A never before untold history started to unfold, something forbidden has surfaced, the family have evidence about this terrible ordeal, but who should the family turn to?

Who would believe that the SwedishState and their civil servants, local government, AHA would sacrifice the health and rights of one citizen in order to save face and prevent compensation and disciplinary measures. The people involved, the whole scam was endorsed at very high political levels.

Who would have thought that a highly placed politician who was supplied with intimate knowledge of the whole affair would refuse to help, and instead actively involved themselves with the cover up with the help from politicians in high office in Stockholm.

Strange things have happened in the last year

With contact with a lot of others that have been affected by bad treatment within Kronoberg´s AHA a pattern had emerged, their story is also tragic but not as totally despicable as this woman history.

A scary and terrifying explanation will be presented here

In May 2007, the family where forced to sell their beloved home and move as quickly as possible to another AHA ( County Counsil ) and contact private healthcare specialists, threats were made and Kronoberg´s AHA ( Kronoberg County Counsil ) did absolutely nothing to help, time was running out for this woman.

The family where forced into hiding after threats were made by unknown persons, physical attack took place, and the family where very frightened that the Landstinget would find them and stop any further medical investigations by fair or foul means

A protected and secret address has been provided that has helped in the continuing struggle for justice and compensation.

There is great concern within the “group” that has cleaned up her medical history, where has the family gone, what are they up to?
The truth about Birgitta´s sickness cannot be revealed at any cost, they are prepared to do..
anything to suppress the true medical history of this woman.

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